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These include, for example, the integration of social mdia tools, Google plugins, the possibility of real-time collaboration, the integration of chat and video conferencing functions, as well as personalizd user experiences and tailor-made content. security and privacy In companies, data protection and data security is a central topic, especially when it comes to internal communication […]

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Employees can also access important company resources and tools from anywhere, which makes work easier and can increase job satisfaction. Employee participation: With an intranet, companies also offer a platform for employee participation, for example by collecting and considering employee fedback. Employees can also learn from each other by sharing knowldge and best practices, thereby […]

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Writes Artur Urbański and Lucyna Dziewa (“Creating Customer Experience”, publishe by Helion) As you can see, creating customer personas is just the beginning. At further stages of your business, you can also create personas of contractors, employees and competitors to plan your activities more effectively. How well do you know your customers? Start planning your […]

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Powell Teams makes implementing effective governance simple and straightforward. Organizations can leverage the rich capabilities of Microsoft Teams while ensuring security and compliance requirements are met. In short, Powell Teams is the perfect match for organizations that nd simple and hassle-free governance in Microsoft Teams. Team and channel settings The team and channel settings in […]

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The adjustment of methods of operation, which may change under the influence of external and internal conditions. The strategy focuses on the company’s long-term development by improving processes and implementing innovative solutions. We recommend Brand attributes and building a competitive advantage The process of implementing strategic management in an enterprise Implementation of the enterprise strategy […]