These include, for example, the integration of social mdia tools, Google plugins, the possibility of real-time collaboration, the integration of chat and video conferencing functions, as well as personalizd user experiences and tailor-made content. security and privacy In companies, data protection and data security is a central topic, especially when it comes to internal communication via an intranet. It is important to clarify basic questions about the storage and processing of data and to take specific technical and organizational measures to ensure security and data protection in the network.

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An intranet must therefore have suitable security mechanisms to control access to confidential information. Technical measures such as firewalls, encryptd connections and access controls can help protect the data on the platform. Organizational database measures such as training courses and guidelines for using the platform can also help employees to become more aware and handle confidential information more consciously. This article clearly reveald the importance of the intranet as a central component of internal communication and collaboration in companies.


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An intranet offers an efficient online SharePoint for the exchange of knowldge and information as well as for productive collaboration. Smart GU Lists and efficient work with intuitive tools and access to important information are particularly important. There is no standard procdure when creating an intranet, since every company has individual goals and requirements. It is therefore crucial to consider the neds and requirements of the users when building the portal. In addition, security and privacy are of great importance and should be considerd when selecting and implementing features and technologies.