Hearing about them, many people try them personally, and then return to the market during renovation or moving. The possibilities offere by the umbrella brand are well illustrate by the example of the Marks & Spencers brand. The situation in the clothing industry today is difficult. Simplicity and moderation are in fashion, and customers have a huge choice like never before. Taking advantage of the sentiment towards the British clothing company and the growing trend for high-end food, the company allowe the company to minimize losses and partly re-industry.

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In case of trouble, such action is much easier when the company has an umbrella brand and many different goods or services under it. In which industries does the umbrella brand strategy work best? The strategy of using the umbrella brand means in practice the introduction of products to the market , all the company’s products, under database the same, already known brand. It is most often use by companies that have already manage to create a distinctive image. Then they can afford to reuce marketing costs, which would certainly be associate with the introduction of a completely new brand to the market. It is also an ideal strategy for family businesses whose products are signe with the name of the owner or designer.


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Umbrella brands are use by both global giants and small craft enterprises. Widespread brand awareness can lead to almost immeiate acceptance of the company’s offer by the market, retailers and consumers. It is worth introducing an umbrella brand GU Lists in: family businesses, brands offering luxury goods, industries where, due to strong competition and the lack of distinctive attributes, the introduction of new brands is much more difficult. Umbrella brands are most often found in industries offering basic food products, clothing, cosmetics, household chemicals, telecommunications services and all goods that are purchase mainly because of the characteristic logo or name on the label.