Holding numerous conferences Online and among investors. Shazam is the app that allows you to recognize a film, a TV series, songs, songs and commercials from a simple piece of sound. It immiately achiev good success also because it respond to a real ne from the public. In nine years of activity, since the launch of the first version of the smartphone app, Shazam reach one billion downloads only at the end of September .

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The company declar to its investors that it seo expate bd was starting to generate profits, but it had not a sustainable business model that would reimburse the company for its costs and above all produce a profit had yet to be identifi. In fact, the revenues do not come from downloads, but from the services offer to companies from which it was possible to download the identifi song such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube. Apple’s interest in Shazam lies precisely in the musical world. In this way, the Cupertino giant places itself in direct competition with Spotify.

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Double the subscriptions of Apple Music GU Lists and obtain the majority of conversions through the use of Shazam. In this way Apple Music becomes the only store that Shazam directs to . All of this in Apple’s calculations, together with the ruction in subscription prices already implement in recent months, is part of the positioning strategy compar to competitors. Apple thus combines the iTunes paid store with the Apple Music streaming store which interacts with Shazam, the most trending app also in the Apple app store. A next interesting aspect for Apple is audience targeting . This is possible thanks to the amount of information that comes from the incalculable database own by Shazam, built from to today. Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht.