Writes Artur Urbański and Lucyna Dziewa (“Creating Customer Experience”, publishe by Helion) As you can see, creating customer personas is just the beginning. At further stages of your business, you can also create personas of contractors, employees and competitors to plan your activities more effectively. How well do you know your customers? Start planning your activities effectively! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Step by step creation of a persona Creating a persona is about collecting the most general data and giving them the most specific form.

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The first thing you nee to do is research the market and get to know your typical customer. ” I don’t have typical customers – everyone buys from me ” – you can say. However, if you collect the results of the research, you will notice certain database trends and distinguish segments, such as customers age 18-24, customers from large cities age 25-45, mature and wealthy from 45-65, retirees. Now start going from the general to the specific. It will be easiest for you to use a real customer who well reflects the entire group. Creating a persona.


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In the world of marketing, it is not strange to give people names, places of residence and character traits! In this way, you will complete the GU Lists persona creation.  Process and get your “ideal customers”, Maciek from Sulejówek, age 19, likes sports.  Computer games and novelties; Ola from Warsaw, 32, has her own business, wants to relax, likes yoga, cooking and self-development. Bogdan, 52, looks for proven solutions, plays golf, drives a Jeep, wisely invests his savings. Jadwiga, 81, values ​​tradition, manages her farming carefully, and buys only from Polish companies. Don’t limit yourself when creating a persona description.