It is worth publicizing this event, reaching as many people as possible. Use tools in the form of influencers who can be the first people to test the company’s proposal. Positive reviews in the era of the Internet, when it is the primary source of information, are an excellent promotional tool. Differences between PR and advertising Similar mechanisms apply in both cases. Both PR and advertising have the same goal. However, advertising is a phenomenon where there is no direct contact with the consumer. It is only a form of communication.

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While PR can be an excellent form of dialogue and thus information exchange. Through advertising, the company will not really receive feeback from customers about the product, only the consumer receives a specific message. Therefore, PR activities phone number list also include direct contact. This is the moment when the brand can receive feeback in the form of constructive criticism. It can also answer individual doubts or objections from consumers. Satisfying the nees of customers and meeting their expectations are important elements not only of building a positive image of the company.

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But also a mechanism that drives consumption and interest in specific solutions. PR and advertising – how to reconcile them? The most important thing is to remember the common language. This means that PR activities must be complementary to GU Lists advertising and its confirmation, and vice versa. Why is brand image so important? The consumer’s decision regarding the purchase or use of a given service depends to a large extent on the feelings of a given person towards a given company. Her trust and even a sense of closeness or bond. Therefore, creating a brand image is base on building a relationship between the company and the client.