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Marketing experts must try different variables, either individually or in combination, hoping to find the best way to define the structure of their market. Here are some variables that microsegmentation is base on: 1. Geographic segmentation – refers to segmentation base on a geographic area such as continents, nations, countries, provinces, etc. Demographic segmentation – breaks down the market base on age, gender, income, family status, race, etc. These are the most commonly use variables. 3. Psychographic segmentation – divides buyers into different groups base on social class, lifestyle and personal characteristics.

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Behavioral segmentation – dividing the market into groups base on their knowlege, attitude, application or reaction to the product. Micro-segmentation is base primarily on diagnosing customer nees. Further analysis of the data should focus on whatsapp mobile number list aspirations (desires), consumer suggestions for improvements that the company can offer them. Other product-relate factors such as frequency of use, type of use, brand loyalty, and benefits sought should also be considere. How well do you know your customers’ nees? Diagnose them and increase your sales! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Microsegmentation and macrosegmentation.

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The types of segmentation can be divide into two types. The first is macro segmentation. Macrosegmentation means dividing the GU Lists market into broad groups. For example, we can divide the world into broad destinations such as India, Australia, Europe, and America. Macrosegmentation is use to decide what our market will be like in relation to the global market. The macro-segmentation strategy consists in offering the same type of product throughout the market. Today, this practice is use relatively rarely. Companies that have always offere one range of products for the entire market oca-Cola) are now using market segments.

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