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Marketing experts must try different variables, either individually or in combination, hoping to find the best way to define the structure of their market. Here are some variables that microsegmentation is base on: 1. Geographic segmentation – refers to segmentation base on a geographic area such as continents, nations, countries, provinces, etc. Demographic segmentation – […]

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Team will definitely support and help you! Powerful built-in tools Most content management platforms require a lot of time and money to create/improve SEO and friendly URLs. Plus spee optimization, cache management, CCC (combining, compression and caching), minification (HTML, CSS and JS codes) and Apache optimization. PrestaShop comes with these features by default. SEO friendly […]

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The adjustment of methods of operation, which may change under the influence of external and internal conditions. The strategy focuses on the company’s long-term development by improving processes and implementing innovative solutions. We recommend Brand attributes and building a competitive advantage The process of implementing strategic management in an enterprise Implementation of the enterprise strategy […]