Team will definitely support and help you! Powerful built-in tools Most content management platforms require a lot of time and money to create/improve SEO and friendly URLs. Plus spee optimization, cache management, CCC (combining, compression and caching), minification (HTML, CSS and JS codes) and Apache optimization. PrestaShop comes with these features by default. SEO friendly If you want to be found in Google search, your website must be search engine friendly. That’s what SEO is. SEO is one of the most important aspects for any e-commerce business.

The dynamics of business

PrestaShop makes it very easy to develop SEO friendly URLs. If you have basic knowlege of search engine optimization, PrestaShop allows you to whatsapp mobile number list easily change title tags, meta title, meta description and other SEO relate attributes. the creation of the product, the platform itself asks for data about the meta title, meta description and friendly URL, which are very useful in SEO. Make your business international with PrestaShop PrestaShop supports more than 75 languages ​​worldwide and of course you can change the translation of the homepage. It also allows you to download language packs for different countries to cater to the nees of your target audience.

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Analysis and statistics play an important

Every customer’s wish is to see the company’s online store in their native language! Analysis and statistics to improve business strategy role in GU Lists determining the profitability of any business. It is with their help that we can analyze, profit and loss, etc. They also provide the necessary data to help move the business forward and keep it above the break-even point. It is also not insignificant that the data obtaine from the analysis play an important role in inventory management and delivery.