Performing tests from different browsers

It would be a big mistake to leave images on your site that you haven’t bought and that have a watermark visible. If you buy an image with the necessary usage rights, you will definitely have no problems in the future! 4. and devices If we talk about the phrase “website analysis”, this step is one of the most important base on our experience. In order to prevent users from seeing the site or viewing problems, it is necessary not only to check the version of the browsers in different operating systems before publishing the website! For example, the latest version of Chrome on Windows may display slightly differently than the latest version of Chrome on Mac.

Browser and operating system versions

Responsive design, especially when it comes to images, is no longer considere in some outdate browsers such as Explorer 8. Some animations and effects phone number list are not compatible with some browser versions, so it is not recommende to add too many special effects if you want absolute compatibility with every version. It is natural that you ask the question: “But how to check the performance of the site from all browsers and devices, since there are so many of them?” or paid online software and tools for cross-browser testing, such as BrowserShots.

Phone Number List

There are several free

It shows a static preview of the site in selecte. You should at least check the most typical browser versions on different operating systems and the GU Lists most common tablet and mobile devices. 5. Page loading spee This is often a point that is taken too lightly when doing website analysis. We can often find sites that have large full-screen galleries with 20 or more images, or even 10 animations, all on the same page.

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