A trusting relationship with your customers

Getting to know them requires somewhat. More commitment than some cloud platformr but at the same time offers more opportunities and serves. The company’s interests in the long run. Our recommendation is to create an e-shop on top of. WordPress, as it has a huge number of different design templates and also a free e-shop application. E-shop for communication with customers Making a good e-shop also starts with proper market research. Get to know your competitors. See what and how they offer. And then do better yourself! It is certainly not wise to copy others or run after them, but to be a guide and find something to differentiate yourself from others, because the competition in e-commerce is intense.

If you have thought until

As an e-merchant, you have a great opportunity to create, which would be rather difficult in conventional commerce, especially with close-minde database Estonians. There are many tools on the web that can be use to monitor customers’ purchasing behavior, their preferences, ask interactively and directly for feeback and use it to develop their business better and better. E-commerce also offers versatile opportunities to communicate with your customers in different marketing channels – send them meaningful newsletters, create your own fan base on Instagram or actively communicate with them on Facebook. opening an e-shop.


Extremely important that your business

If your business can’t be found online, it doesn’t exist It may sound harsh, but unfortunately it is. According to international studies, 90 percent of initial product searches and 60 percent of purchases are made via mobile. Therefore, it is also appears in the GU Lists search engine! now that moving your store to the Internet is extremely time-consuming and a big undertaking, then this is not true – a simple e-store can be set up in even 24 hours.

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