The Search is On: Effective Strategies for Finding Anyone Online (or Offline)

The world is a vast place, and sometimes you need to find a specific person – a long-lost friend, a potential business partner, or even a distant relative. But where do you even begin? Fear not, intrepid searcher! This comprehensive guide equips you with a diverse arsenal of strategies to locate anyone, both online and […]

Demystifying the Inbox Enigma: A Guide to Read Receipts in Gmail

Ever yearn to know if your email landed in the recipient’s inbox and sparked their attention? While Gmail doesn’t offer native read receipts for everyone, understanding this feature and its alternatives can shed light on email engagement. Read Receipts: A Double-Edged Sword Read receipts are notification messages sent to the sender after the recipient opens […]

Navigating the Messenger Maze: How to Send a Direct Message on Facebook in 2024

Facebook, despite the rise of other platforms, remains a prominent social media hub for connecting with friends, family, and even potential business contacts. But with its ever-evolving interface, a simple. Navigating the Messenger Maze: How to Send a Direct Message on Facebook in 2024 question can arise: how exactly do I send a direct message, […]

Unearthing the Elusive Email: Effective Strategies to Find Anyone’s Contact

In today’s digital landscape, email remains a cornerstone of professional communication. But when you need to reach. Unearthing the Elusive Email: Effective Strategies to Find Anyone’s Contact someone specific, their email address can feel frustratingly hidden. Fear not, intrepid searcher! This guide unveils a treasure trove of strategies to help you uncover the email address […]

Conquering the Call: Mastering the Art of Cold Calling in 2024

In the age of digital marketing, cold calling might seem like a relic of the past. But don’t be fooled! Cold calling, when done strategically, remains a powerful tool for generating leads and building relationships. The key lies in understanding that. Conquering the Call:  calling isn’t about a one-size-fits-all pitch. It’s about initiating valuable conversations […]

ESET: New home antiviruses with advanced machine learning

28 OCT 2019 · INTERNET22 COMMENTS In an era where digital threats are numerous and increasingly diverse, it is essential to have the best security solutions. ESET has recently released new versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium. In addition to several improvements, the integration of advanced machine learning […]

Portugal: These are the districts where mobile internet is fastest

28 OCT 2019 · INTERNET25 COMMENTS Portugal is a country with excellent communications infrastructure. Information shows that Portugal is ahead of most European countries. In addition, it is also at the forefront of the new generation of mobile communications, including 5G. But in which district in Portugal is mobile internet the fastest? Find out the […]

Investigation reveals that Portuguese YouTubers promoted illegal betting sites

13 NOV 2019 · INTERNET33 COMMENTS The influence that YouTubers have in Portugal has grown in recent years. Their influence is significant and many people closely follow all the content they create. A now-revealed instigation has revealed a new reality. Some of the most well-known Portuguese YouTubers have been promoting illegal betting sites. Youtubers illegal […]